Are You Looking to Grow as a Fitness Professional?

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  • Believe that relationships come first.
  • Handle yourself in a professional manner.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle and wish to lead others.

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Small Group Personal Training Coach Expectations:

  1. - Educates (explains the purpose of the training)

  2. - Leads groups (what to do, where to do it and when to do it)

  3. - Executes training sessions according to "session plan" & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  4. - Modifies exercises, time and repetitions to suit all participants individually

  5. - Responsible for security and safety

  6. - Perform attendance check

  7. - Responsible for measuring and monitoring members progress after each session

  8. - Responsible for setting up and cleaning up

  9. - Opens and closes the facility according to routine

Personal Training (PT) Expectations:

  1. - Educates (explains the purpose of the training)

  2. - Tests and assesses physical abilities and work capacity

  3. - Writes, evaluates and adapts training programs

  4. - Books & conducts member Goal Reviews

  5. - Conduct Free Intro with leads

  6. - Book and implement Free Intro

  7. - Sells and administer memberships

The above roles are not limited to these expectations and it is expected that you will an experience that could be described as excellent.